Soon you might be able to pay for any London black cab using plastic

A (non) black cab
Bending the rules for black cabs - like not having to be, er, black

Having to be driven to the nearest cashpoint after jumping in a London black cab could soon be a thing of the past for those who prefer to pay by plastic.

According to a report by the Evening Standard, Transport for London (TfL) is looking to launch a consultation that would make it compulsory for the capital's cabbies to install payment card readers in their vehicles by 2016.

Half (around 23,000) of the London's black cabs have yet to install the tech, according to TfL, with many resisting due to high setup costs and running fees. As such, the transport body is looking to scrap card transaction fees under the new proposals in a bid to bring the new legislation onboard with minimum fuss.

It means that you'll be able to pay the same amount for journeys using card or cash. In addition to scoring points for convenience, TfL reckons the move will reduce opportunities for robbers as drivers will store less cash in vehicles.

Uber resistance

The proposals come one month after drivers blocked London's central travel routes in protest of TfL granting taxi-hailing app Uber a licence to operate in the capital.

Protesting cab drivers were unhappy with a lack of regulation around Uber, which doesn't require its drivers to hold a licence or pass 'The Knowledge' test to operate in the capital.

As it turns out, there may be no need for them to worry as according to the Evening Standard's report, the TfL said that just three per cent of rides are booked from a smartphone app such as Uber or Hailo.

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