Buzzbox Telecom offers fast access to rural firms

Rural businesses stuck with slow connections are being offered a lifeline.

 British company, buzzbox Telecom, has developed a 4G business-grade dongle that offers connectivity for up to 10 devices. The system offers a choice of O2 or Vodafone to connect users through the company’s wi-fi network. The cost of the service is £20 per month with no long-term contract and a one-off set up fee of £29.

Access to fast broadband remains a problem for many rural companies. According to Ofcom’s State of Nations report, last December,  about 17% of rural premises are not receiving a viable broadband connection,  This compares to just 2% in urban areas.


Stuart Spice, founder and director of buzzbox Telecom, comments: “I know first-hand how important it is to have a good broadband connection for your business. Access to high speed broadband is not only important for keeping up with news and information, communication with your friends and family but most importantly for the growth and development of a business.

He added that the company had signed up a customer for the dongle already: a car showroom owner in Surrey. “Unable to receive reliable broadband from his previous provider because of his rural location; he switched to using our dongle and is now free of any complications when using WIFI.”