BlackMatter ransomware ceases operation due to police pressure

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The BlackMatter ransomware gang has reportedly decided to call it quits, citing recent operations against it from the law enforcement agencies.

The news comes courtesy of a screenshot of a message allegedly shared by BlackMatter operatives with their “clients”. The message, posted on November 1, and originally shared by cybersecurity research group VX-Underground, suggested the group will shutdown within 48 hours.

"Due to certain unsolvable circumstances associated with pressure from the authorities (part of the team is no longer available, after the latest news) - project is closed,” reads a rough English translation of the Russian post.

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Like most notorious ransomware gangs, BlackMatter operates through a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model, and hosts a website to engage and communicate with its affiliates, which is where the message was posted.

Rise like a phoenix

Even if the post is legitimate, the message doesn’t mean that the ransomware gang will stop extorting victims. In fact, in the post itself, BlackMatter asks affiliates to get in touch in case they need the decryptor for BlackMatter’s ransomware, hinting that it wouldn’t stop its affiliates from taking more victims.

Furthermore, reporting on the development, BleepingComputer argues that although the group claimed that it will close its door within 48 hours, the time has come and gone but the gang’s Tor payment portal and data leak website remain operational.

Realistically speaking, such shutdowns are a mere hogwash, and a prelude to the ransomware gang re-emerging under a new name, says BleepingComputer

In fact, BlackMatter itself is a rebrand of the DarkSide gang, which shut down after it attracted a lot of heat from the law enforcement following the attack on Colonial Pipeline

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