Be careful when ordering your new iPhone 12 - it could be a scam

(Image credit: Future)

Security experts have warned Apple fans to be on the lookout for online scams following the launch of the company's latest iPhone 12 devices.

Analysts at Kaspersky have uncovered about 100 suspicious domains around the world mentioning “Apple” as a company as hackers look to target consumers willing to pay big money for the latest devices.

Many of these malicious sites tell users to enter their Apple ID and password to get access to information or fake pre-order forms - but these details are then stolen and sold on.

iPhone 12 scams

Not all of the fake sites concern the latest iPhone devices, with Kaspersky finding that some offer to help find lost phones, while others say they are able to help in restoring access to users’ accounts. There are also a number that mimic Apple support services, where users are again asked to enter their Apple ID and password.

However the number of sites increased rapidly in September in anticipation of Apple's annual event.

“This resurgence of scammers’ interest in Apple services shows that they would happily benefit from anything that attracts users’ attention," noted Kaspersky security expert Tatyana Sidorina.

"The launch of the new iPhone might be a perfect opportunity for scammers to spread malicious features.”

So it's worth ensuring that you only source your iPhone 12 deals from legitimate sources.

Mike Moore
Deputy Editor, TechRadar Pro

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