Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guide, characters, tips and cabin ideas

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guide, characters, tips and cabin ideas
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Released in 2017, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp continues to host regular limited time events, and is jam-packed with new items for players to collect. 

But what does the mobile version of Nintendo’s popular life-sim offer over Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch? Let’s find out.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guide

Available from both the App Store and Google Play store, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp functions a little differently to the Nintendo Switch version. Instead of freely exploring a large island, you’re handed the keys to an empty campsite. It’s up to you to build up the campsite by crafting furniture, amenities and other fun items that your cute animal friends can interact with to make it the most popular holiday destination around. 

Building a merry-go-round, for example, will bring joy to your visitors, as well as some surprises. 

That doesn’t mean you’ll just be decorating, though. You can visit recreation areas where you can fish, collect bugs and gather fruit – just like in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can then sell these items for a tidy profit, or give them to your newfound friends, and invest the rewards back into your camp.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp characters

It wouldn’t be an Animal Crossing game without a cast of unique animal characters, and Pocket Camp is no different in this regard. You’ll encounter various villagers who visit the nearby recreation areas, and they’ve always got something to say. Some of them may task you with finding particular items – do so, and you’ll earn rewards.

There are 191 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp characters, each of whom has their own catchphrase, birthday, and resources for you to collect. That’s a lot of folks to meet, then, so make sure you’re ready to socialize if you want to earn all the items on offer! 

Remember: once you’ve hosted an animal at your campsite, they’ll revisit any time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp tips and tricks

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp fishing

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Earning Bells is the name of the game in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but are there any quick tips to make more money faster? Well actually, there is. First, make sure you seek out the secret money tree which can be shaken down for 1000 extra Bells per day. It isn’t a fruit tree, so that should help narrow your search.

The next best way to make some easy Bells is link your account. By linking the game to your Nintendo Account, you can activate and complete a variety of missions to earn Nintendo points. These points can then be used to buy awesome in-game rewards in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Finally, the best way to make hard cash is to fish like there’s no tomorrow. Fish can be sold for Bells, so you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to cast your rod whenever you see a prime fishing spot.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cheats

One of the easiest ways to ‘cheat’ in Animal Crossing games is to change your system’s internal clock to speed up building or reset times to access activities that may be closed for the day. 

Unfortunately this cheat isn’t available for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as it will only change the time of day in the game, but won’t have any effect on build times etc. 

There aren’t any specific cheat codes for Pocket Camp, either, which isn’t surprising when you consider the game is free-to-play and relies on microtransactions.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cabin ideas

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cabin ideas

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If you’re on the lookout for new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cabin ideas, a quick search on Pinterest is a great place to start. 

From chic and contemporary designs, to simplistic or modern, you’ll be sure to find the exact look you’re after to spruce up your cabin.

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