AEW Fight Forever to feature comical amounts of blood

AEW Fight Forever Kenny Omega
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If you were concerned AEW Fight Forever wouldn't fully lean into its outlandish arcade roots, then fear no more.

AEW Fight Forever, due to launch on June 29 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and last-gen consoles, is developer Yuke's highly anticipated return to the wrestling genre. And its official Twitter account just confirmed that the game will fully lean into its T / 16+ rating.

Addressing concerns over the lack of blood in AEW Fight Forever's promotional material, the game's Twitter account put fears to rest with two screenshots, both cartoonishly drenched in bolognese sauce. We assume there's going to be a toggle, too, for those who prefer keeping the ring squeaky clean.

Billed as a return to true arcade-style wrestling, AEW Fight Forever will bring a stacked roster of superstars and, according to its official website, more than ten gameplay modes and no shortage of customization options.

Fan-favorite Kenny Omega is unsurprisingly the game's poster boy, but he'll be joined by other stalwarts including Sting, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida. Kenny Omega has also confirmed that Cody Rhodes will be in the game, despite his 2022 departure to WWE.

Personally, I'm confident that AEW Fight Forever will be a fun time at the very least. Developer Yuke's is responsible for some of the best wrestling games ever made, including the much-loved SmackDown! vs. RAW series that dominated the PS2 era.

It's fair to say AEW is in safe hands with Yuke's, then. Here's hoping the experienced developer can deliver an experience that reignites its roots while also pushing the wrestling subgenre forward.

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