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O&O DiskImage 2 Professional Edition review

Disk imaging software that protects more than just files

Our Verdict

Has its strengths but the lack of several key features is a let-down


  • Can split and burn images to DVD

    256-bit encryption


  • Can't back up to an FTP server

    No scheduling option

    No backup for regularly used programs and settings

At first glance, DiskImage 2 seems like a simple and rapid imaging application. It takes just a few clicks to make an image and mount it virtually, and the PE CD is easier than creating a boot disk. It's not speedy by any means though: it took 45 minutes to restore a 15GB drive image.

Look closer, and you start to see what's missing. There's no option to back up to an FTP server, no backup for mainstream applications and settings, and no swift restore function to use while files are loaded in the background.

Crucially, however, DiskImage 2 has no scheduling option to make full or incremental images on a regular basis, meaning all backups have to be performed manually. Worse still, we couldn't successfully merge incremental images together, making increments all but redundant.

DiskImage still has some advantages over its rivals - the ability to split and burn images onto DVD, for example. 256-bit encryption provides great security, but these small benefits fail to make DiskImage an alternative to current standard True Image 10.