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Windows 10 antivirus will soon deliver comprehensive protection on iOS and Linux too

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iOS and Linux users will soon be able to protect their devices using Windows 10 antivirus according to new updates from the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which was recently rebranded as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, is now rolling out to both iOS and Linux devices.

Microsoft for Endpoint on iOS will provide iPhone and iPad users with phishing protection as well as the ability to block unsafe connections and create custom indicators. Security teams will then be able to access alerts and threat insights from employees' iOS devices through the Microsoft Defender Security Center.

According to a recently published update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, MTD for iOS is now in preview and the feature is rolling out to users worldwide.

Linux protection

While mobile users on iOS will soon be protected from phishing and unsafe connections, Microsoft also revealed in another update to its Microsoft 365 roadmap that Linux users will soon have access to extended protection as well.

The software giant is making endpoint protection and response capabilities available for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customers running Linux. These users will soon have the ability to “detect advanced attacks that involve Linux servers, utilize rich investigation experiences, perform advanced hunting and quickly remediate threats on Linux servers”.

Microsoft's new Linux EDR capabilities are still in development according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap but they could be rolling out soon as their release is slated for November of this year.

A large portion of the world's servers currently run Linux which means that these new features will be quite useful for IT teams trying to detect and prevent attacks against their organization's servers.

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