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Friday Funny: Amy Winehouse in videogame debut

Friday funny: Escape From Rehab
Friday funny: Escape From Rehab

Tabloid regular, partygoer and occasional singer Amy Winehouse is the subject of a new internet game that sees her as an unlikely heroine.

Titled Escape From Rehab, Winehouse must escape a ruined city and rescue her beloved Blake from jail.

The game is a promotional tie-in for new film Disaster Movie – and looking at the trailer, never has a name been so apt – where an actor playing Amy Winehouse appears in the film, complete with beehive hairdo and, strangely, walrus-like teeth.

Have a crack

In the game, Winehouse comes up against the like of the Incredible Hulk and Batman and uses such weapons as a crack pipe and her overgrown hairdo to do battle.

So, if you find yourself with nothing to do this rather wet and windy Friday, check out Escape From Rehab, before the singer's lawyers demand that the site is taken down.