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Honeywell reveals next-gen quantum computer

System Model H1
(Image credit: Honeywell)
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Honeywell has introduced its next-generation quantum computer the System Model H1 which features its differentiated quantum charge-coupled device (QCCD) and trapped-ion technology with a design ready to be rapidly upgraded throughout its lifetime.

The company's new quantum computer will initially offer 10 fully connected qubits, a proven quantum volume of 128 and unique features such as mid-circuit measurement and qubit reuse. Going forward though, Honeywell has committed to rapidly increase the quantum volume of its quantum computers by at least an order of magnitude annually over the course of the next five years.

Enterprises will be able to directly access its System Model H1 via a cloud API as well as through Microsoft Azure Quantum and channel partners including Zapata Computing and Cambridge Quantum Computing through a subscription-based model.

President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions Tony Uttley explained how its H1 generation of quantum computers will be continually updated throughout their lifetime in a press release, saying:

"Honeywell's aggressive quantum computing roadmap reflects our commitment to achieving commercial scale for our quantum business. Our subscription-based model provides enterprise customers with access to Honeywell's most advanced system available. Honeywell's unique methodology enables us to systematically and continuously 'upgrade' the H1 generation of systems through increased qubit count, even higher fidelities and unique feature modifications."

System Model H1

In addition to announcing its new System Model H1 quantum computer, Honeywell has also confirmed that it has already begun interaction activities for its future System Model H2 generation as well as development activities supporting its H3 generation and beyond.

Demand for access to the company's quantum computer is already high among enterprise customers according to Uttley, who said:

"The introduction of the System Model H1 is a significant milestone in shaping and accelerating the development of quantum computing and bringing its power to enterprises. We've seen demand skyrocket in 2020 and are thrilled to partner with customers seeking to solve real business problems via quantum computing."

Honeywell also revealed that DHL and Merck are the latest enterprise companies with access to its quantum computer. These organizations have already demonstrated the wide range of quantum computing use cases which include pharmaceuticals and logistics as well as Honeywell's own internal applications in its Aerospace and Performance and Technologies businesses.

We'll likely hear more about the company's System Model H1 quantum computer once enterprise customers begin testing it out for themselves.

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