FIFA 20 penalties: how to score a penalty kick

FIFA 20 penalties
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Oh, penalties. A word that sends shivers up the spine of every soccer fan. Really though, they are quite difficult regardless of which team you support and, in the virtual realm, the team at Electronic Arts has strived to make them even more of a problem in FIFA 20, the latest entry in the insanely popular sports franchise.

In this guide, we’re going to deliver a short primer on how to take penalties in FIFA 20, taking into account the changes to the aiming system and the tricky new finishing mechanics.

How to score penalties in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 penalties

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Penalties have changed in FIFA 20 but they’re certainly not as difficult as taking Free Kicks, which now include added dynamics like adding spin to the ball. Spot kicks remain fairly simplistic in approach, but now players will have to come to terms with the aiming reticule. 

Controled by the right stick, the reticle needs to be pulled to wherever you want the ball to hit. You can turn the targeting off to stop screen cheating if you’re playing couch co-op, but be warned that you’ll still be using the reticle, you just can’t see it. Don’t be shocked when it flies over the bar!

You always want to aim for ‘Top Bins’, either the top left or top right of the goal, the spots where the keeper's fingers can't push your shot away. It takes some getting used to, but the right stick is sensitive, so you’ll have to hold the stick at an awkward diagonal angle to get it to freeze on the spot where you want the penalty to land. Make sure it stays that way all the way through, as it can become more erratic during the run-up.

Now let’s talk about power. You’re going to want to shoot for around two bars of power when you’re taking a penalty. You don’t want to give the keeper enough time to react and save your shot, and the force of the ball will ensure it can’t be kept out, especially in the corners of the net.

Once you’ve figured both of the above systems out, you need to nail the controversial finishing mini-game that was implemented in FIFA 19. The key is to ignore the meter and just press Circle/B as soon as your player’s foot strikes the ball. It’s certainly tricky to master, but if you keep practising in the Skill Games’ Set Pieces section, it will become natural to you eventually.

Advanced penalties: how to chip the keeper

FIFA 20 penalties

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Now you’ve figured out penalties, a short note on different styles you can employ to trick the keeper. If you hold L1/LB when you’re approaching the ball to shoot, you will perform a chip shot where the ball will sail over the keeper’s head at a slow pace. Do this with little power and if the keeper dives, either way, they’ll be so preoccupied that it will sail in no questions asked.

With all of this in mind, you should be a penalty master. Now go forth and embarrass your opponents online with your superior set-piece skills!

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