Zach Gage is letting 500 people into his new puzzle app each day - but there's a catch

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If you love puzzle games, you’ll want to keep your eyes on Puzzmo - “a new place for thoughtful puzzles” - by Zach Gage, the creator of Really Bad Chess and SpellTower. The Puzzmo team is offering early access to a select number of people each day, but they’ll have to be genuinely passionate puzzle players if they want in. 

Created by Gage, Orta Therox, and a team of designers, artists, and “puzzle experts”, Puzzmo users can expect to see a vast collection of games to play, including fan-favorites from Gage himself, classic word games (like crossword puzzles) and two mysterious new puzzles that haven’t been detailed.

On the official website, Gage described Puzzmo as his “biggest project” yet. While no full release date for it has been given, its limited beta is in full swing, and each day, the team is mailing out 500 codes to the first people who manage to complete a daily puzzle on the site. 

For instance, today (November 1), the game that prospective players had to take on was SpellTower, in which they had to find words on a grid with the goal of reaching 1,000 points to be granted a key. I say ‘had’ because all the keys have already gone - access is clearly in high demand (although you can still complete the SpellTower puzzle for fun if you wish). 

At the time of writing, it’s not clear how long this limited beta period will go on for, so if you’re interested, it’s a good idea to start brushing up on your puzzle skills. If you want a heads-up before each daily puzzle commences, you can sign up for the Puzzmo newsletter, which gives subscribers a five-minute warning before the rest of the internet finds out when the daily keys have dropped. 

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