Xbox gift guide - the best Xbox gifts you can buy

Xbox Series consoles
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When looking to treat a gaming fan, honing in on their platform of choice is often the best way to narrow down your options - and that’s where the bet Xbox gifts and this guide comes in.

At TechRadar Gaming, we’ve been giving gaming and Xbox-focused gifts to friends and family for years now, so we know exactly what to suggest to make gifting more straightforward while still keeping things exciting. If you’re looking for any kind of Xbox gift, be it budget-friendly or instant, or something more premium and experience-enhancing, you’ll find our simple guide has it all. 

This range of choice is helped by the variety of budgets you can work with when picking out an Xbox gift, too. The best Xbox Series X accessories and the best Xbox Series X games have such a breadth to them that you can score some excellent value-busting gifts as well as splash out for something special.

We’ve broken our Xbox gift guide down into three broad categories to keep it simple and pulled out some of our favorite games, accessories, and peripherals to give you the best chance of finding the perfect gift. Let’s get into it.

Xbox gift guide - our favorites

Want to browse deals and prices for our favorite Xbox hardware at a glance? See below for a quick list of competitive rates for Xbox kit we can't recommend enough.

Xbox gift guide - Gift Cards

Official Xbox gift card artwork from Microsoft

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Often, the simplest gift ideas are the best ones, and that is absolutely the case with Xbox gift cards. These can be used in a multitude of ways and simply offer the best route for an Xbox gift if you are unsure or want to give the gift of choice (it’s a cliche, but it is true).

Broadly speaking, gift cards can be used for online subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass (that gives access to a massive game library, and gets players online to play with friends), or allow folks to purchase games digitally. In particular, a gift card is a really great fit for players with an Xbox Series S, since games can only be purchased digitally. 

You could also take this principle further and purchase games digitally as their own kind of ‘gift cards’ for people. The recipient will get a notification of something being bought for them but don’t know until they ‘open’ it, so there can be a genuine gifting feel to the process. However, the safest bet is often to go with store credit or a gift card to take the pressure off if you’re not too clued up on the games themselves.

Xbox gift guide - games

2023 has been a superb year for Xbox games, and blockbuster first-party exclusives have dominated the scene, along with some absolutely brilliant cross-platform games.

From Microsoft exclusives such as Starfield and Forza Motorsport to other smash hits like Baldur’s Gate 3, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Lords of the Fallen, all the way to ‘smaller’ games that snuck up on us out of nowhere like Lies of P, Trepang2, and Remnant 2, the year has been stacked with plenty, and all of these would make for perfect gifts.

It’s important to remember that, a lot of Xbox One games are still highly relevant too, both for those rocking the old-gen console still and in terms of being compatible with the current-gen machines - some even offer free upgrades from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. This applies to many games from Ubisoft, for example, such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage so it’s well worth bearing in mind while you shop.

You can find a whole host of the latest prices on some brilliant games below, with each link also taking you to where you need to be to search for more.

Xbox gift guide - Accessories

Xbox Elite Controller 2

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When it comes to Xbox accessories, you can mainly approach them as three different subcategories: headsets, controllers, and storage. These can all be incredibly beneficial and experience-altering Xbox gifts, too, so if you have a decent budget, these are the items to consider.

The best Xbox Series X headsets come in many forms and various prices, but there are some absolute crackers available on the market right now. If you’re shopping on a sub-$50 gift budget, then the Razer Kaira X is one of our favorite picks. In the middle of the field and taking things wireless, we’re a big fan of the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2, too, and if you really want to push the boat out, then the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro adds even more bells and whistles to the offering.

In Xbox controller territory, an extra official wireless Xbox controller is always a great hit since players can almost never have too many of these. But for something a bit more feature-rich but without busting the bank, you could look at the Turtle Beach Recon Controller, and for something excellently premium, there’s the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro or the official Xbox Elite Series 2 pads.