Suika Game’s free holiday update adds new festive theme and music

Key art for Suika Game.
(Image credit: Aladdin X)

The viral puzzle game hit Suika Game has received a new update on Nintendo Switch, which adds a festive background theme as well as a fresh tune to match and merge fruits to. 

In case you were unfamiliar, Suika Game (also known as Watermelon Game) tasks players with dropping random fruits (with cute faces) into a box to earn points. Matching fruits together transforms them into a larger fruit, with the biggest one being the titular watermelon. However, as soon as the box overflows, it’s game over. Developed by Aladdin X, Suika Game saw enormous success after clips of it took off on social media platform TikTok. 

Update 1.0.7 does nothing to change the puzzling action that players are used to, but it adds an option to the main menu to allow players to toggle between the regular mode and a holiday-themed mode before playing. Instead of the plain yellow and brown background, you can instead squish your cutesy fruits together in front of Christmas trees and holiday decorations, and the watermelons themselves are also dressed for the occasion. 

When playing with the festive theme, a gentle rendition of We Wish You A Merry Christmas plays in the background. Anyone who’s played Suika Game for an extended period of time will know that the usual music, which consists of one track that loops constantly, can wear thin, so this provides another option if you’re tired of listening to the usual tune. 

With that said, it’s not known if the holiday theme will stick around forever. Back in October, a Halloween-themed update was rolled out, which boasted a similar change to the background and music (and also turned the watermelons into pumpkins). However, this was later removed from the game in another update. 

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Catherine Lewis
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