Twin Peaks: Into the Night is a PS1-style reimagining of the cult TV series

Twin Peaks Into the Night fan project
(Image credit: Blue Rose Team)

A demo for Twin Peaks: Into the Night, a PS1-style reimagining of the cult hit TV series, is available to play right now.

Twin Peaks: Into the Night is being developed by a two-person studio, Blue Rose Team, the game looks to very closely follow the plot of David Lynch's classic supernatural thriller. It's being described by the team as "an homage to good old 90s games classics." It's definitely inspired by some of the best horror games to ever exist.

The demo, which you can play over on the game's page, sees players assume the role of special agent Dale Cooper. Just like in the show, Cooper is sent to Twin Peaks, Washington, to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer, during which all kinds of inexplicable phenomena begin to occur.

Twin Peaks: Into the Night is being branded as a Haunted PS1 title, that being a subgenre of indie projects in the guise of long-lost PS1 games or demos that are in some way cursed, or in which things aren't quite what they seem. It's all make-believe, of course, but certainly adds to the eerie nature of such projects.

Twin Peaks: Into the Night certainly wears its inspirations firmly on its sleeve. The overall color palette, inventory management, and off-kilter camera angles scream Silent Hill, in a good way of course. If you're unfamiliar with Twin Peaks, you may recognize several story beats reminiscent of that of the Xbox 360 classic Deadly Premonition, which itself is heavily inspired by the Lynchian work.

The demo for Twin Peaks: Into the Night is already shaping up to be a promising project. It's being reviewed positively over on its official page, with several commentators praising its attention to detail and reverence for the source material. Hopefully, there'll be a full release one day for Twin Peaks fans to enjoy.

Twin Peaks: Into the Night is far from the only ambitious fan conversion we've seen. Last year, a developer worked on porting Elden Ring to the Game Boy.

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