Prison Architect 2 has gone above and beyond with superb accessibility features

Prisoners in jumpsuits
(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

In exciting news, Paradox Interactive has announced Prison Architect 2, and the upcoming sandbox simulation game looks like it'll be bigger and better than ever before with some fantastic accessibility settings. 

Prison Architect 2 will have many similar features to the first title. Players will be expected to run a prison, organizing inmate care and policing while trying to create a profitable business model. This time around, you're rewarded for giving inmates a second chance, helping them get an education and training in an occupation. The lower your reoffending rate is, the more money you'll get for your penitentiary once you decide to sell.

In a hands-on session at Gamescom, TRG was able to talk with the developers about all the new accessibility features that are available.

"We've got so many accessibility features," a developer on Prison Architect 2 says. "We love it, just because we want to make the game as available to as many people as we can." 

The upcoming prison simulation game will see scalable text, three different kinds of colorblind filters, font for dyslexic people, controller reticule, and much more. The team behind Prison Architect 2 holds accessibility very close to their hearts. There are even those within the developers who benefit from more extensive accessibility features, so it is almost a no-brainer that they strive to ensure this upcoming title is accessible to all. 

There are very few games that include dyslexic font options for their player base. The team behind Prison Architect 2 decided to use Open Dyslexic to better equip the game for audiences that have traditionally found explanation-heavy titles a struggle to get to grips with. 

"We've coined the phrase 'color agnostic design'. The idea being if you turned all the color off in the game, players would still be able to understand exactly what's happening." This means Prison Architect 2 is incredibly well thought-out and straightforward when it comes to its UI design, a feature that will benefit all who choose to play it. 

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