Crash Team Rumble ends ongoing support with a massive battle pass featuring all previous seasons' content

Crash Team Rumble
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Online multiplayer team game Crash Team Rumble is having its official support come to an end, less than nine months after its June 2023 launch.

Spotted by VGC, Crash Team Rumble players will see a message from developer Toys for Bob upon reaching the game's main menu. It confirms that March 4 will be the day receives its final content update. However, the silver lining is that regular players won't have to worry about the servers going offline.

"The core game will still be live," the message continues, "and players will have access to a free 500-tier battle pass that includes 104 new items. This will include all of the Battlepass content from Seasons 1 through 3, plus all the available event rewards.

"Additionally, Crash Coin purchases will be turned off, and players can use their existing Crash Coins to purchase tier skips for the Battlepass."

And thus concludes the support for yet another ill-fated live service title. That said, it's somewhat appreciated that folks will still be able to play the game online for the time being, and that an all-in-one battle pass is being provided for free.

It can be argued that the writing was on the wall for Crash Team Rumble the moment it launched. The game wasn't free-to-play, and featured premium battle passes and microtransaction purchases on top of that. It also launched with fleeting content; just a single mode and only a handful of maps and characters to play as.

It's a bit of a shame, as in our review, we felt Crash Team Rumble had solid fundamentals; its MOBA-lite format providing slick multiplayer fun, offering something largely different in the live service space. 

It remains to be seen just how long Crash Team Rumble's servers remain online, but with the addition of an extensive, all-encompassing battle pass on March 4, it'll hopefully be sticking around for quite some time.

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