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The Airlite Pro Wireless headset is an all-around average contender. While it may not hold a light to other headsets around its price range, such as the Xbox Wireless Headset, it’s still a solid choice with decent audio quality and battery life.


  • +

    Good bass

  • +

    Lightweight build

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    Sturdy design


  • -

    Uncomfortable for longer sessions

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The Airlite Pro Wireless headset is a decent contender when it comes to picking out which headset you want to couple with your Xbox Series X|S or PC. While it falls short of competing headsets around its own price range, it still has some solid features worth exploring.

Specifically, if you’re a fan of audio with a strong bass profile or enjoy noise cancellation while gaming, then the Airlite Pro Wireless is a suitable choice. The built-in game and voice chat controls are especially helpful when gaming with a large group of people. However, the Airlite Pro Wireless doesn’t compete with the official Xbox Wireless headset’s suite of customizable audio options, which allows for booming bass and overall crisper audio. 

If you’re in the market for a relatively no-fuss headset that will provide audio of decent quality, then the Airlite Pro is certainly worth considering. But you may want to take a look at our best Xbox Series X headset list for recommendations on headsets that offer more at the same price. 

Price and availability

The Airlite Wireless Pro headset is a decent low-to-mid-range product. It’s currently priced at $79.99/ £69.99/ AU$129.95. While not a budget price, it comes in cheaper than headsets like the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2, which goes for $150 / £120 / AU$249 or the SteelSeries Arctis 7X Wireless Headset, which is priced at $149 / £174.99. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper headset, you’d be better off with the reliable Nacon RIG 300 Pro HX wired headset, which you can get for $29.90 / £29.99 (around AU$44.89).

In terms of availability, if you’re in the US or the UK, you should have no problem picking up this headset. You can either buy the Airlite Pro Wireless at retailers such as Amazon or purchase it at the official PDP store.  Unfortunately, the availability in Australia was more limited, with Amazon having little stock.  


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The overall design and feel of the Airlite Pro Wireless is sturdy and bulky while maintaining a degree of simplicity. In the classic Xbox style, it’s mostly black with some green outlines running through it, meaning it blends in with Xbox’s aesthetic seamlessly. 

However, if you prefer headsets that have a bit more flash to them, then you may want to look elsewhere. The Airlite Pro Wireless design is fairly straightforward and considerably bulky, so it lacks the style of something like the Razer BlackShark V2.

The mic can be bent towards or away from you depending on your preference, and the fact that it can entirely flip up, out of the way is a massive plus, especially if you just want to listen to music while working without having the mic up in your face. Unfortunately, you can’t detach it, so the mic may still get in your way.

While this headset is also lightweight despite its bulky size, the headband does begin to hurt after using it for upwards of four hours. That’s something to keep in mind if you want to wear the headset to listen to music, watch videos or play games for longer sessions with friends. In shorter bursts, though, this headset's over-the-ear cushioning is adequately comfortable. 

Performance and battery life

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Setting up the Airlite Pro Wireless for use was straightforward and easy. Using a USB dongle means that connecting the wireless headset to your PC, Xbox Series X|S, or Xbox One is simple. However, I did have to fully charge the headset first; this took me around a couple of hours, and that juice lasted for 16 hours of use. 

The Airlite Pro Wireless’ best feature is its sound quality. The 50mm drivers provide good quality bass, which makes experiencing in-game music such as Blasphemous 2’s ethereal soundtrack beautifully engaging. You can also enjoy all your Spotify playlists thanks to the decent sound quality here. The icing on the cake in terms of audio has to be its noise-cancelling mic which ensures that your teammates can hear you loud and clear, even in the most heated battles when I’m screaming for support in the backline while an enemy Winston is harassing me in Overwatch 2. The built-in game/chat balancing also works well to automatically level the in-game noise and group chat audio, so you can always hear your friends scream at you for feeding the enemy team.  

The Airlite Pro Wireless is a decent option for an Xbox Series X|S or PC headset

For its price, this feature ticks all the boxes, like deep bass and clear audio. However, if you’re looking for top-shelf audio quality, then it may be a good idea to check out the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro, with its flawless active noise cancelling and incredible sound. 

The durable build means that you can be pretty rough with the Airlite Pro Wireless without it ending in a broken headset. While you shouldn’t drop it out of a second-story window any time soon, you don’t need to worry about breaking it if you drop it on a table as you rush off to get the door. 

Overall, the Airlite Pro Wireless is a decent option for an Xbox Series X|S or PC headset if all you’re worried about is audio quality. However, compared to some other headsets even, priced around its range, it left me unimpressed with its style and comfort. 

Should I buy the Airlite Pro Wireless headset?

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Buy it if…

You’re looking for a cheaper gaming headset with good audio quality
Many players will be happy with the audio quality of the Airlite Pro Wireless; the game/chat balancing and deep bass capabilities mean that the headset makes the most of in-game soundtracks. 

You want a headset with Xbox compatibility
Thanks to its USB dongle, it's pretty easy to set up your connection to Xbox consoles and PCs. The color scheme also blends nicely with the Xbox black and green style. 

Don’t buy if 

You’re looking for a high-quality headset
The Airlite Pro Wireless is around the lower end of the gaming headset price spectrum, meaning there are plenty of other cheaper options available which can be just as good as what this headset offers

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