Dead by Daylight's next killer is an AI straight from sci-fi horror

the singularity waiting in a door way
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A new Killer is creeping into Dead by Daylight for the survival coop horror game’s seventh anniversary, and this one hits a little too close to home. 

The latest original chapter for Dead by Daylight, End Transmission, has made history as it introduces the franchise's first sci-fi setting and Killer. “This chapter revolves around a distant and exotic planet and introduces characters from a possible future”, creative director Dave Richard says in an interview with TRG. 

The new Killer, The Singularity, is an AI initially designed to help its space exploration crew. This quickly took a wrong turn when it came into contact with an old piece of alien tech and saw the evils of humanity, resulting in the AI turning rogue and killing its crew. Now it has the sole goal of assimilating all living organisms inside of it to become the perfect living being, grim. 

“We're used to seeing organic characters using pieces of machinery to become more powerful, but the singularity is doing it in reverse”, Richard says. “It's a piece of software fusing machinery and organic material and human flesh to become more mobile and powerful”. 

A face only a motherboard could love 

an overgrown lab covered in alien plants

(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Resembling flesh blobs made of organs and machines that can stick to any surface (including Survivors), The Singularity is an enemy straight out of disturbing sci-fi horror. Any player will be able to spot the grotesque physique of this freak of nature from a mile off. I mean no offence to the murderous AI, but the fleshy, veiny computer system makes me unnervingly queasy, even at the best times. 

“The Singularity is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. This is also what makes it so scary. The fact that artificial intelligence is unstoppable”, Richard says. The idea that we’re getting another hyper-vigilant Killer like the Doctor that can use its surroundings for hunting down and trapping survivors is chilling, to say the least. 

The origin story of AI gone rogue is incredibly disturbing, especially in today’s climate

Half the horror of The Singularity isn’t even its gory features. In fact, the origin story of AI gone rogue is incredibly disturbing, especially in today’s climate. Who knows, maybe we’ll someday find ourselves turning on generators and being chased across a map by a fleshy computer that just wants to use our organs for spare parts.

However, while it looks gory and has an intelligent and relevant backstory, I still find it hard to truly find this Killer as horrific and disconcerting as the rest of the nightmare-inducing roster Dead by Daylight is known for. The first time I saw the organ-filled flesh monster, I couldn’t help but think it looked like Miek from Thor Ragnarok, and now I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to see it in the same scary light again. Hopefully, this one doesn’t get stepped on.

Only going to get worse 

the singulaity covered in flesh and tech

(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Still, while End Transmission’s murderous chatbot might not have the same nightmare-inducing qualities as the uncanny Clown or the stealthy Pig, the move to sci-fi opens several doors for more sinister sci-fi killers to pop up in Dead by Daylight. 

One of the most exciting prospects of this new chapter is that it could finally lead to the oft-rumoured Alien crossover with the Xenomorph making a guest appearance as a Killer. What could that look like? Similar to the Trapper having traps scattered around the map or Jigsaw having boxes everywhere, the Xenomorph could have eggs laid throughout that would unleash a gaggle of Facehuggers onto unsuspecting survivors. The idea of this fleshy sack of spindly legs and bones hurling itself right at your face and into the camera makes me shudder.  

The Xenomorph could also easily make its name as one of the more bloody Killers thanks to a unique weapon. It could use its tail as a final kill that sees players impaled and split in two at a moment's notice for extra dramatic effect. It’s safe to say I, for one, would rather just be hung on a hook. Behaviour Interactive, if you’re looking to hire a designer for your Alien crossover, I’m available. 

End Transmission looks like it will be a terrific entry into the sci-fi horror world, with fleshy organ AIs and unfamiliar alien worlds. While we may have to wait a little longer for a Xenomorph introduction, The Singularity will provide plenty of heart-stopping scares for now. 

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