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CoolerMaster CMStorm Sniper Chassis review

CoolerMaster releases it's new chassis with it's sights fully aimed at gamers

CM Storm
With some neat features built into the CMStorm Sniper, this could be a die-hard must have for some serious gamers

Our Verdict

With its foot fully in the serious end of the market, the CMStorm Sniper is sure to wow its way into the most hardcore overclokers hearts


  • Airflow
  • CPU Heatsink access
  • Light switch
  • PSU dust filter


  • Expensive
  • Not a looker

The Sniper is the first case from CoolerMaster's new CMStorm subbrand. It's precisely laser-targeted at gamers, ready to explode their heads in a burst of airflow excitement.

It does a lot of things we like. The giant knob on the front (fnarr, fnarr) adjusts fan speeds, and lighting can be turned off, so watching a movie on your PC is no longer like sitting in the engine room on a long-distance ferry trip.

Smartly, CMStorm has included an access hole on the motherboard mounting plate for bolting on more substantial CPU coolers. Great if you're in a continual state of unease with your chosen heatsink. It's easy to carry to LAN parties, and there's a clever secure wiring system at the back to prevent people nicking your peripherals.

CMStorm has elevated the case and added filters on the underside, to prevent your power supply from hoovering up whichever crumbs and crispy tissues lurk on your floor.

Like recent Antec cases, there's a humungous 20cm fan in the top of the case, and there's the standard exhaust fan in the rear and hard disk fan at the front. Airflow is a priority here, and thankfully there are easily cleanable filters and the whole thing can be taken apart, if dust is a serious concern.

Our only worries are the high price tag and the rather industrial looks. It is rock solid though, and the perfect choice for someone who's repulsed by the spartan lines of Antec's weirdy beardy Skeleton.