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Bluelounge Cool Feet review

Keep your laptop cool and your legs unscathed

Silly looking but they do work

Our Verdict

Good quality rubber feet that live up to their name


  • These rubber feet are of good quality and adhere to smooth surfaces without damaging them


  • None really, they do what they say they will...

Everyone knows that laptops can get really hot, and Mac laptops are certainly no exception. It's the price we pay for demanding faster, thinner machines.However, these feet from Bluelounge do go some way to reducing the heat build-up, simply by raising the bottom of the laptop up off your trousers and letting air through.

The feet slip under any laptop and have sucker cups to grip the chassis. Adhesive patches are also in the box, and these create a smooth surface for the rubber cups to suck onto. We found that the bottom of our MacBook Pro was smooth enough for the feet to work, which was lucky, as we didn't fancy sticking semi- permanent patches on our beloved Mac. Cool Feet are made of soft rubber, and are good quality.