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Flash memory drive with antivirus built in

The Virus Chaser USB can also, apparently, be worn as jewellery.

We've seen plenty of peculiar USB devices from the Far East, including the likes of the USB Sushi Drive and the USB Humping Dog , so it's a relief to come across an odd product that actually appears useful for once. The Virus Chaser USB from Korean firm Digiworks both looks pretty and has a trick up its sleeve.

As the name suggests, the 4GB 100,000 won (£56) chunk of flash memory includes measures to check data for intruding malware. In this case, the antivirus software in question is the reasonably popular (in Asia) Virus Chaser from Bizet.

Increasing awareness

Digiworks is touting the added functionality as a 'virus vaccine,' which is unlikely to be as omnipotent as it sounds, but at least it's a welcome step, even if all it does is to increase the security awareness of the typical PC user.

Best of all - if you're some kind of freak, that is - are the fashion suggestions put forward on the product webpage, which include wearing the Virus Chaser USB as a pendant or purchasing two to use as uber-nerdy earrings.