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More Hollywood movies coming to iTunes

Is Apple about to beef up its movie service for iPod users?

Further evidence has emerged for a massive coup by Apple in its quest for a viable movie download service.

It's been rumoured for weeks that Apple has done deals with 20th Century Fox and other studios to bring movie rentals to iTunes.

Now a Mac fan has found an iPod-ready movie file on a Family Guy DVD he received for its official launch in the US - which just happens to be the same day (Tuesday 15 January) as Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Macworld Expo where the Apple-Hollywood tie-in is expected to be made.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) also points out that the Fox movie file requires iTunes 7.6 to run. The most recent version of iTunes you can download is pegged at 7.5

UK movie rentals too?

All that remains now is to see whether Apple iTunes' movie offerings - whether they're rentals or download-to-own versions - will surface this side of the Atlantic.

European iTunes fans have been badly served by Apple so far. Full-length movies are conspicuous by their absence on the UK iTunes Store, with only a few Pixar shorts and the relatively recent addition of over-priced episodes of TV series like Lost.

No wonder DVD-ripping programs like Handbrake have proved so popular.