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Cheapo DAP adds FM transmitter and aerial

The 1GB KanaGT DAP boasts an OLED display, voice recorder and FM transmitter

If you're on the lookout for a cheap, well-specced MP3 player, then Japanese cheap, well-specced specialist Green House has just the deal in the shape of its 1GB KanaGT DAP with FM transmitter .

Red, black and silver are the only options to choose from and there's no memory-card slot for expanding, but we can live with that. Weight is 36g, music transfer is by USB 2.0 and the battery runs to seven hours for normal playback or just four when piping tunes to a nearby FM radio.

The ¥7,980 (£33) KanaGT might look a touch on the 'plain' side. But an OLED display, voice recorder and that FM transmitter make it hard to kick this one out of bed for eating crackers. We're even a little taken by the cutesy aerial that plugs into the headphone socket for boosting transmissions.