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Apple iPods to get 'podmap' podcasts

The iPod touch could get a new map application that uses podcast or RSS subscriptions to supply the data

Apple has filed for a patent on a new concept that could see satnav-style maps being stored on the iPod or


. The concept has been designed as an alternative to GPS satnav and doesn't require you to be connected to a mobile phone network or Wi-Fi to work.

Instead 'podmaps' function like regular RSS feeds or podcasts - you subscribe through the application or service, and the podmap serves up all the content you need and sticks it on your device.

It's not quite clear from the patent application how exactly podmapping will work in practice, but Electronista has this take:

"The implementation would... turn map data into a series of audio and video elements based on location; driving directions and other maps could be spoken aloud with a view of the map at that location as a guide."

Electronista also says that podmaps could serve up music and advertising between key points on your route, and that they could also be applied to exercise regimes like the Nike Sport section in iTunes.