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Apple has a new plan to replace your dying batteries sooner

iPhone range

Apple has updated its extended warranty policy, which will now allows users to replace the battery in their iDevice a lot sooner than before.

The updated AppleCare+ policy now states that Apple will replace the battery or entire device if "... the capacity of the Covered Equipment's battery to hold an electrical charge is less than eighty percent (80%) of its original specifications..."

The new threshold is a pretty large increase as previously the policy only allowed iOS device batteries to be changed after health dropping to below 50%.

New batteries for all

The policy covers the batteries in all iOS and OS X-toting devices now as well, including the Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and Macs.

This will be welcome news for Mac owners, who were only covered for manufacturing defects and not for performance degradation before the policy update.

Currently, the AppleCare+ extended warranty policy, which can be purchased through Apple, is only available for devices purchased after April 10, 2015.

Via Engadget