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You can now buy Project Tango without an invite

Project Tango
Project Tango is now easier to buy

Google's experimental and innovative Project Tango isn't really a consumer product just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't buy it.

The slate, which uses cameras and a depth sensor to map out the space around it, is now available to buy without an invite for the first time.

You can pick it up from the Google Store and you'll have to pay $512 (around £334/AU$667) for the privilege. It's also US only for now, but hopefully it won't be too long before it gets a wider rollout.

Unfulfilled potential

If you're not in the US you're not missing out on too much, as this is very much a developer device. Its 4GB of RAM is fairly impressive but it's bulky, has just a 7-inch screen and is stuck on Android KitKat.

There's a whole lot of potential here for future consumer applications though, from more immersive augmented reality games, to detailed interior maps, navigation tools for the visually impaired and more.

The timing of its invite-free launch is interesting too, as with Google IO 2015 just hours away there may well be big news about Project Tango and its future.