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Modders discover key to enhance Surface's responsiveness

Battery life a concern with the touch mod

A user on the XDA Developers forum may have discovered a simple trick to improve the touch response on Microsoft's Surface tablet.

XDA Developers member tamarasu posted the method to the site's forum on Thursday, and since then several other users are reporting successful trials with it.

The trick is actually just a registry edit that lowers the value for latency and sampling of touch prediction on the tablet.

Because of the reduction in latency, it's been noted on the forum that this registry edit could cause battery life of the machine to suffer.

Faster than Surface

As the method described above involves editing registry keys, it's worth stating that users should try it only if they feel comfortable with registry edits.

Tamarasu, however, also uploaded the registry "fix" to the forum for those who want to try a more automated approach.

So far, no users have reported a trial of the touch trick on any third-party Windows 8 tablets.

For those looking to try it out for themselves right away, here's the registry key and edit for this technique:

The key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\TouchPrediction
Edit key for latency from 8 to 2.
Edit sample time from 8 to 2.

Via XDA Developers