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Swedes launch legal DRM-free movie shop


Sweden’s residents can buy DRM-free videos from a legal torrent site, in what may well prove to be a model for the future of movie sales.

The movie industry as a whole is being strongly warned that its adherence to Digital Rights Management (DRM) is taking it down the same route as the music industry – which appears to finally be moving away from the system after years of fighting with internet piracy.

Forward thinking

Sweden has long been seen as one of the most forward-thinking nations in terms of the internet. And the nation is now hosting Headweb – a legal site that gives credit for those seeding the movies that they buy and helping the download times of other users.

It’s a fascinating model, and one that could well be used in the future should Hollywood take suggestions from a whole host of analysts and, inevitably, infamous torrent site Pirate Bay in its DRM free torrent-led approach.

Headweb currently boasts 450 titles but is expanding all the time, and has also suggested that it will be opening up the service outside of Sweden in the near future.