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LimeWire did break copyright law, says founder

RIAA: Pulling the plug on piracy
RIAA: Pulling the plug on piracy

Mark Gorton, founder of peer-to-peer file sharing site LimeWire, has admitted that the service breached copyright law.

During the ongoing court case against LimeWire (in which a group of record labels claimed they were owed $75 trillion), Gorton said in court that he had misconstrued copyright law.

He said in court, "I was wrong. I didn't think our behaviour was inducing [copyright infringement]. I understand that a court has found otherwise."

Making an example

Gorton also admitted to refusing to close LimeWire despite knowing that users were swapping songs without paying for them.

The ongoing court case has already seen LimeWire be shut down and Gorton found liable for the copyright infringements; all that's left is for a jury to decide how much he should pay in damages.

While the $75 trillion figure suggested by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) was dismissed as ludicrous by the judge, Gorton is still facing a fine of between $7 million and $1.4 billion.

Via ZDNet