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Indiana Jones goes viral with a widget

It’s fair to say that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is up there in our list of most highly anticipated movies of 2008, following today’s news that the next trailer of the new Indy flick is to be pimped online via a ‘widget’.

"The reason that studios are excited about widgets is that word-of-mouth and buzz is what Hollywood is after all the time," said Peggy Fry, senior vice president of sales and client services at widget-provider Clearspring.

"If you think about it - what a widget is - it's a digital version of word-of-mouth," she added.

Win trip to LA

Paramount is also offering a trip to the world premiere of the movie to the two winning fans who manage to distribute the latest "Skull" widgets to the widest audience.

Clearspring is clearly carving out a good business in the movie-pimping widget industry. It has also recently created "The Love Guru" widget which you can see on Mike Myers' Guru Pitka MySpace page, with new viral videos added to the widget on a weekly basis.