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China: internet accusations are groundless

China's internet relation spell World Wide Woes
China's internet relation spell World Wide Woes

China has launched a stinging attack on the US, after Hilary Clinton criticised the country for its apparent censoring of the internet.

Clinton, who is the US Secretary of State, spoke yesterday about China's web habits and called for restrictions it has put on the internet in the country to be lifted.

Respect the facts

China has responded with its Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ma Zhaoxu, calling Clinton's remarks as "information imperialism" and announced that the US should "respect the facts" and cease the "groundless accusations against China".

The response was reported by the Xinhau news agency, with Zhaoxu also commenting: "The US side had criticised China's policies on Internet administration, alluding that China restricts Internet freedom.

"We firmly oppose such words and deeds, which were against the facts and would harm the China-US relations."

After China's spat with Google, Clinton is worried that the country is "walling themselves off from the progress of the next century".

Via the BBC