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The latest iteration of Valve's Steam Controller goes back to basics

*Whisper it* "Steaaaaaam Macchiiiiiiine"

We're probably still a little while off seeing the final product, but a new image of Valve's Steam Machine controller has surfaced in the latest Steam client beta - and it's undergone a few changes.

While the overall shape remains mostly intact, the pad looks a tad narrower and now has a four-point directional guide on the left trackpad. How this will work in practice, we're not certain, but perhaps Valve thinks the world isn't ready for two fully unguided trackpads just yet.

Also of note is the analog stick that was added back in July, but with no other significant tweaks we'd guess that Valve is almost at the finish line. Expect to hear more at GDC 2015.

Via PC Gamer