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Introducing the Wii Sqweeze

The Wii Sqweeze

While the Wii Fit supposedly has your lower body all sorted in terms of cardiovascular well-being, enter InterAction Laboratories with a prototype of an upper body exercise solution for the living room fitness enthusiast.

Dubbed the Wii Sqweeze, InterAction demoed the new peripheral at the recent GFH 2008 conference.

Sqweeze-y does it

It's basically a couple of those plastic grips you can already buy as standard sports equipment, but adapted to control a series of "games" which seem to include grabbing undersea treasure with a claw, and some kind of archery activity.

The device wasn't actually running on a real Wii at the exhibition, but on some kind of hacked Wii/PC connected via a USB device, according to Exergame Lab's blog.

InterAction Laboratories apparently plan to release the Wii Sqweeze in the US as a fully operational controller by 2009.