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Each Apple store handling £15 million in sales

Apple big in Big Apple
Apple big in Big Apple

Apple's retail stores generate a whopping £15.5 million in sales each, with the company stating that it has done $6.6 billion (£3.95bn) in sales this year.

Apple's stores have sprung up across the planet, with the likes of Regent Street in London proving immensely successful.

$4,300 per square foot

At the launch of the latest store, in Manhattan, Apple's Senior Vice President of retail – the brilliantly named Ron Johnson – gave out some impressive figures.

Apple is currently pulling in $4,300 (£2.5k) for every square foot of retail space that it has, and that it has had over 100,000 applications to work in Apple stores.

Of course you don't have to be a genius to work…oh you do.