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Apple's App Store soars as it shatters records in July

Apple's App Store reached record numbers
Apple - App Store performing well

Apple has announced that it has had a record month for app revenue - as the company's phenomenally successful store continues to provide a huge industry with an outlet for their wares.

Apple estimates that it has provided half a million jobs in Europe just through the success of its app store and the huge development industry that provides the apps, on top of the direct employment through the company itself.

With the next iteration of the iPhone - the iPhone 6 - set to be unveiled on September 9, it's fair to say that the app store that underpins both it and the iPad is in rude health.


After speaking to CNBC, CEO Tim Cook tweeted about July bring a record-breaking month for revenue.

And although it takes around a 30% slice from each app purchase, the sheer levels of money being generated are not to be sniffed at.

Apple says that it has paid more than $6.5 billion (around 3.8bn / AU$ 3.9bn) to European developers, a big chunk of the $20 billion (c.£11.8bn / AU$ 21.4bn) paid out globally to date.

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