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Tesla's Model S receives a minor nip-tuck inside and out

Tesla Model S

Fresh off the success of the Model 3 unveil, Tesla is expected to update the car that legitimized it as an automaker -- the Model S. The refresh provides subtle tweaks to the interior and exterior of the car, in line with what most automakers change with a mid-cycle refresh, according to CNET.

Expected interior changes include the ventilated front seats from the Model X, more interior storage and door pockets to store paper maps or snacks. I always found it odd the Model S had a large open space between the two front seats instead of covered storage. The door panels bowed out without any pockets either.

Hopefully the update improves the interior material quality, too. As amazing as the power train in the Model S is, I found the interior materials and quality more in line with a Nissan Leaf than an equally priced Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi.

Changes to the exterior will be subtle, including new color options and LED headlights. The front is supposed to get a rhinoplasty that brings the look more inline with the Model X and 3 as well.

The updates may come as early as next week, but will increase the price of the Model S.