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Apple slashes cost of iPod shuffle

Apple has slashed the cost of its superb iPod shuffle in the US today, by a whopping $30, down from $80 (£40) to $50 (£25) and introduced a new 2GB model, priced at $69 (£35) in the US.

TechRadar spoke to Apple’s press office in the UK earlier today and, while they could not officially confirm a UK price cut was imminent, we were told to "watch this space".

Read into that what you may, but if you were considering buying your loved one a Shuffle for a birthday or Easter pressie, then you might want to wait a week or two if possible.

16GB iPod Nano on the way?

There is talk in Apple fan forums online that the price point repositioning of the Shuffle indicates that a 16GB iPod Nano is on the way. Again, we’ll confirm that news with Apple as soon as we get anything other than a "no comment".

The Shuffle still costs £49 in the UK, now almost twice the cost in the US. We’ll bring you the official news on a UK/European price cut when we get it.

[updated] Apple UK has just confirmed that the 1GB iPod shuffle is “now even more affordably priced at £32” and that it is introducing a new 2GB iPod shuffle priced at £45.