James Ide

Staff Writer, Mobile Computing

James Ide was a writer for TechRadar specializing in phones and tablets. He has previously worked at The Mirror, Daily Mirror, and The Star as a tech and gaming writer since 2016 covering news, reviews, and sharing his various opinions on the latest devices. 

He loves nothing more than messing with the most exciting and cutting-edge mobiles, computers and game consoles on the planet, but always needs more. Phones are easily one of his favorites due to their rapid evolution and how ubiquitous they are. 

Having amassed a huge amount of practical knowledge by messing about with and breaking various forms of tech since the early 2000s, this has helped James learn how to put such gadgets back together, too. 

When not surrounded by screens and various devices, tinkering with them and putting them through their paces, James is an avid gamer with a mild obsession for handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and retro devices, that he insists he can quit anytime he wants. James is almost the textbook definition of a geek who loves sci-fi, comics, games and, of course, all things tech. If you think you have a tech story for him or just want to challenge him at Smash Bros, get in touch.

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