Windows Phone 7 data leak blamed on Yahoo Mail

Fix coming within weeks

Windows Phone 7 phones have been suffering from a mysterious data leak which has been gobbling up 3G and driving users insane trying to work out why.

Microsoft has now admitted that the culprit is none other than Yahoo Mail, but assures us that a fix is on its way.

The company has released a statement which explains, "We have determined that an inefficiency exists in the synchronisation of email between the Windows Phone Mail client and Yahoo Mail.

"This inefficiency can result in larger than expected data usage for a very small percentage of users."

Poor form

"Microsoft and Yahoo have worked together to identify a fix, which will be rolled out in the coming weeks," concludes the statement.

While waiting for the fix, Windows Phone 7 users can tweak their Yahoo Mail settings to reduce 3G leakage by changing the 'download new content' setting to manual and setting 'download email from' to 'the last seven days'.

Via Windows Phone Secrets and Engadget


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