Does Google have an iOS 6 Maps app in the works?

Sources say yes

Google may have the last laugh after its Maps app was shunned from iOS 6.

Not only is Apple's Maps inadequate (at the moment), Google is reportedly enjoying the bad press its arch-rival is getting by the tweet-full.

iOS users longing for the days of Google Maps precise aerial shots and public transit info may not have long to wait, however, if sources speaking with The Guardian are to be believed.

According to those sources, Google is "preparing a Google Maps app for iOS 6, which will appear in time."

Google hasn't made an official announcement and it could be days, weeks, or even months before such an app arrives, especially if Apple drags its heels in approving it.

Google Maps's triumphant return

Following the publication of The Guardian's piece, Steve Stroughton-Smith re-tweeted the message, adding brief Jim Dalrymple-like message of seeming confirmation: "Yep."

9to5Mac is also reporting Google has actually submitted an updated iOS 6 version of Google Maps app to Apple, where it awaits Cupertino's go-ahead.

The company has reportedly been working on different versions of the iOS Google Maps app for quite some time, the publication says, perhaps in anticipation of this very situation.

As things stand now, Apple users would likely welcome a chance to rekindle their love affair with Google Maps.

From 9to5Mac, The Guardian


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