PSP line-up gets lick of paint and TV cradle

Remote control and a new bronze body for the PSP

Yesterday was a busy day for the PlayStation Portable, as Sony's Japanese gaming division released both a new colour variation and a cradle for connecting it to a television.

The Matt Bronze PSP arrives in Japan next month as a ¥23,800 (£116) Value Pack. It includes a skimpy 32MB Memory Stick Duo and a Japanese analogue D-Terminal cable for a TV hook-up.

That cable is definitely not going to make it into any similar Western package, but the bronze PSP almost certainly will. We can already imagine a bronze, silver and gold line-up arriving right around the Beijing Olympics.

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Remote control too

As for the new cradle, that also comes out in April and will be available on its own for ¥4,800 (£23) or with the same D-Terminal cable for ¥6,500 (£32).

Beyond providing a resting place for the PSP as it pumps video into a TV set, it does very little. Although the included remote controller (there's an infrared port on the cradle) is sufficiently gadgety to add some value.