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Keep your system free of viruses when you download Avira Free.

Download Avira Free (previously known as AntiVir): it provides antivirus protection that's better than you might expect.

The popular AntiVir antivirus software from Avira is now known as Avira Free Antivirus.

Avira equips your PC with a layer of key defences that protect your computer automatically, eliminating harmful viruses and Trojans, blocking sneaky adware and spyware, even warning you if you visit a website that could infect your system.

Thanks to its real-time scanning, there's no need to remember to run weekly scans. Instead, Avira constantly monitors your system for malicious software.

Like many antivirus programs, Avira relies on a database of reported malware threats and recognisable virus signatures. But as well as that, it also uses heuristic recognition to identify malicious software by its studying behaviour, thereby spotting new malware not covered by the database and providing an extra layer of protection.

Avira also comes with an antivirus browser toolbar, which provides two main features. Firstly, it comes with a Website Safety Advisor, which tells you which websites are safe to visit and which aren't, flagging up any that are known to have a poor reputation.

The second feature of the toolbar is a Browser Tracking Blocker. This blocks websites and people from recording and tracking your online habits, thereby helping to protect your privacy.

If you're an Android user, you can also get Avira on your phone. Its security app features the company’s core antivirus technology, plus anti-theft tracking functionality and call blacklisting options, helping you to protect your personal data and ensure privacy whenever you use the Internet.

Note: Users who download Avira Free AntiVirus and don't choose the Avira SearchFree Toolbar during the installation, do not get the Notifier pop-up ad.

Verdict: A reliable antivirus program with plenty of features and impressive virus detection, Avira is an excellent free virus killer.

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