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Norton Save and Restore 2 review

Reliable but slow

Norton Save and Restore 2
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Our Verdict

Although a little on the slow side, this comprehensive suite of back-up tools will suit most users needs


  • Integrity reports
  • Good interface


  • Slow to back-up

Symantec is one of the big names in online security, but also offers a range of back-up and hard drive imaging tools, with Save & Restore 2 being the entry-level version.

This edition has been around for some 12 months, but is still a good all-round package. It's a quick install and takes around 160MB of space on your hard drive. The interface is easy to use, being split into two main sections. On the left-hand side you'll find the toolbar that consists of Home, Status and Tasks and Tools. Clicking on these opens sub-sections in the middle of the screen.

Recovery management

Home gives you the general status of your backups, so when you first install the program you'll find a big At Risk sign. You can define where you want backups to be made and also set up recovery points. Status allows you to manage your recovery points and also creates reports of the integrity of your existing backups.

Tasks and Tools are the more important sections, as they contain the main back-up settings. Tasks allows you to schedule and manage your backups, as well as handle data recoveries, while Tools manages the more arduous tasks, such as disk copying.

The overall feeling is that this is an incredibly easy suite of tools to get to grips with. From install to setting up your first backup takes less than 30 minutes. When it comes to back-up performance, however, this is one of the slower tools, taking close to two hours to back up 60GB of test files.

It offers support for Windows Vista and XP, and you can install it as a 30-day trial to see if it meets your needs. Experienced users may prefer to opt for Norton's alternative Ghost software (£40 inc. VAT), but for everyday users, Save & Restore is a reliable, capable and very easy-to-use package.