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Macware MacFonts 2 review

1,000 non-commercial fonts and a management tool seems like a bargain. Is it?

Macware MacFonts 2
MacFonts gives you free reign of 1000 fonts, but only for personal use

Our Verdict

Good fonts with an average management app


  • Good selection of typefaces
  • Only £20
  • Can temporarily activate fonts


  • FontManager is not all that

Selecting the right font for your work can be tricky, but the more options you have, the easier it is to pick a look for your documents. MacFonts 2 Is a collection of 1,000 typefaces in OpenType and TrueType formats, supplied with a font management tool to help you install them.

The typefaces themselves cover a decent range and aren't simply the leftovers from the first version of the MacFonts family. Some are certainly one-trick ponies, such as Typekeys, which (as the name suggests) is a font represented by keyboard tiles.

Others, such as Ameretto, offer a refreshing alternative to the font holy trinity of Times, Helvetica and Arial. Some are a bit twee, but mainly there's a perfectly good cross-section.

The supplied FontManager utility is passable as a management tool. It allows you to temporarily activate fonts easily, and makes it simple to install a selection of typefaces rather than just one or all, so it's not all bad.

That said, there's not much here that improves or expands upon Font Book, OS X's native typeface manager. The fonts are only licensed for personal use too, so if you're looking for commercial typefaces, this isn't for you. However, the £20 price tag isn't bank-breaking and the fonts are worth that amount of cash.

An overview of the fonts can be found here.

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