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Look 'n' Stop 2.05 review

Small and unattractive, but mighty

For a little program Stop 'n' Look did a big job

Our Verdict

Worthy of consideration if looks aren't a factor for you


  • Great option for those with low memory


  • Failed the port test

    Looks ugly

Sometimes good things come in small packages. That's definitely the case with this itsy-bitsy personal firewall that goes by the name Look 'n' Stop. While it's not perfect by any means, it's a tough little firewall and a great choice for those with a PC running low on memory. On average, it used less than 5MB of memory while going about its protective duties.

Also impressive was the manner in which Look 'n' Stop responded to our leak and kill tests. Along with ZoneAlarm, It is only the second firewall we've tested that didn't fall prey to any of the leak or kill tests we threw against it.

While Look 'n' Stop managed the harder tests we threw at it, it failed the most simple: a port scan. By default, the rule set loaded by the program won't place your system in stealth mode, making it visible to outside users.

While no ports appeared as open, the firewall did respond to pings and listed several ports as closed. When we checked the program's documentation online, we learned that loading the extended rule set would solve the program (and it did). Still, would most users bother to do the necessary research?

Additionally, anyone opting to go the Look 'n' Stop route will need to turn a blind eye to the program's ugly factor. While the interface is simple and arguably effective, it looks as though the programmers last considered design around the time that Windows 3.1 was released. Looks aren't everything of course, but a design upgrade would certainly help. The program doesn't come cheap at £21, but it can get the job done and the minimal resource usage is a bonus.