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Flying Mac FarFinder 1.4.5 review

Access your Mac's files from any web browser, or from your iPhone

Flying Mac FarFinder 1.4.5
FarFinder offers a Finder-like window within a web browser

Our Verdict

A robust, affordable solution for remotely accessing your files


  • Fairly painless setup
  • Good speed and options
  • Free iPhone app


  • Documents-only solution

Flying Mac FarFinder enables you to view and access a Mac's files from any location.

Install it on a host Mac and you can use a web browser or the FarFinder iPhone app to view and download files. Unlike some competing services, there are no ongoing fees. This is a single purchase and the iPhone app is free.

Installation was relatively painless. Our router initially scuppered things, but FarFinder's online documentation provided instructions for amending System Preferences and dealing with our specific router (one of hundreds listed).

When you access your Mac via a browser, you get a rough approximation of a Finder window, switchable between icon and list views. You can explore volumes attached to your Mac, turn off custom icons for more speed, and search your Mac using a Spotlight-like search field.

However, FarFinder is very much a web interface – ≈-clicking brings up your browser's image options, not options for file manipulation.

Despite the limitations of a web interface, important basics are covered via toolbar buttons: you can upload, download and email files, and take a photo from your Mac if it has a webcam.

Speed was adequate at worst during tests, and the freebie iPhone app was pretty good – at least on a 3G connection. It's worth noting that FarFinder shouldn't be confused with a VNC: you don't get access to your apps or your Mac in general – just files.

But its ease of use and low price make it ideal if you're happy with that limitation.

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