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Reeder for iPad review

RSS just found its soulmate

If you check a lot of RSS feeds then Reeder is the app for you


  • Clean, elegant presentation
  • Syncs with Google Reader
  • Hugely configurable
  • Great for hardcore users

While some hold up Pulse (£2.39) as the best way to access RSS feeds – stripped-down, automatically refreshed website content that you usually subscribe to for free – it's a little too lightweight for us.

It's fine if you only have a dozen or so feeds coming in, but if you follow a lot more than that, Reeder is the app for you.

You might already be familiar with it on the iPhone, and the experience is similar here. A deceptively simple interface presents clean, well formatted and smartly laid-out content in both portrait and landscape format.

It hooks into the Google Reader service to keep read and unread items synced between your iPad and other Reader-aware apps such as NetNewsWire on the Mac.

The developer has really sweated the details. Never mind the extravagant Photos-on-iPad-style unpinch that lets you fan out folders of feeds to see which have stories; we love how the up and down arrows in the toolbar at the left side of the screen lets you advance through unread stories with a twitch of the thumb on the hand holding the iPad.

Stories that you like can be shared in a frankly bewildering variety of ways, including sending to the excellent Instapaper service, and we love how you can drag a story summary one way to star it, or another way to remark the entry as unread.

It supports Google Reader's notes, can show articles shared by friends you follow, and even caches images in RSS feeds so you can still read your feeds when you're not online.

It's terrifically configurable too. You can toggle off some of the many sharing options, change what grade of items is downloaded and much more.

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