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Sagem Photo Easy 110 review

One-size-fits-all goodness

Automatic enhancement certainly makes this an easy option

Our Verdict

A very good printer at a good price point


  • Crystal Image auto-enhancement

    Infrared and Bluetooth capability

    PictBridge compatibility

    Dye-sublimation durability


  • Wireless dongle £20 extra

    6x4in images only

This is by no means the only dedicated photo printer on the market - indeed, it's a very crowded area, bridging the gap between digital photography hobbyists and the ever-increasing reliance on home PCs. The other contenders, including Sony's DPPFP30, undoubtedly have something to offer, but let's first concentrate on the merits of Sagem's early foray into photo printer.

The PE110 enables you to print one-size-only photographs at 6x4-inch. The promotional material boasts of a 60-second printing time per picture. There's probably been some careful use of a stopwatch there, however, because in our tests we started the clock as soon as we clicked 'Print' and the finished article arrived in 68 seconds almost every single time.

The few times that were slightly faster were when we turned off the automatic photo enhancement - dubbed Crystal Image - and that typically knocked off between three and five seconds. Both with and without the automatic enhancement, the quality of the prints was highly impressive.

One area of concern was in the range of blues - they could be more vivid. As for the effectiveness of Crystal Image, there's a definite sharpening, and with one test shot in particular this provided an extra focal point in the image (of a structure reflected in water) which added depth to the image as a whole.

Lacks features

Extra features are disappointingly sparse. There's no LCD monitor, nor are there built-in editing options. This is a strange omission, given the wireless options of Bluetooth and infrared included. It's also PictBridge compatible, like most photo printers. Bear in mind that the wireless version costs an extra £20, and you'll also need to budget for the fact that the dye-sublimation ribbon is sold in packs with the paper, so once you're out of paper, you're also out of ribbon.

Ultimately, then, this is a very good printer at a good price point which produces single-sized images of a high quality and much better durability than any produced by an ink-jet printer. However, in the autumn Sagem plans to introduce a version of the Photo Easy series with additional features, one of which will be an LCD monitor.

We would suggest therefore that the next Sagem printer will represent a better option, unless you have dozens of carefully edited images waiting to be printed specifically on 6x4-inch photo paper. Andrew Sutcliffe