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Icy Dock MB664 review

Taking ease of use to new levels

The IcyDock has a brilliantly conceived drive installation system

Our Verdict

Good looking, easy to use and great value for money


  • Great value

    Simple to set up and use


  • No cooling

If there's something we like, it's simplicity. The WD MyBook - pre-installed as it is - clearly has the edge in terms of working straight out of the box. But the Icy Dock is as close to pre-installed as an enclosure without a drive could be.

To install your choice of SATA drive, you merely have to unlock a catch on the front, hinge back one side of the unit, and slide your drive in. The process of opening the case also pushes the drive out, so removal is quick and you don't risk breaking the SATA connectors inside.

Ours was an early review sample direct from Taiwan. We expect Evermax to release it in the UK some time within the next few months.

A complete lack of cooling bar the radiation from its aluminium case (which caused the unit to get quite hot after a couple of hours of our test drive spinning inside) means it should come in at a reasonable price; we'd be surprised to see this on the shelves for more than £30. And at that price you'd be a fool to ignore it; this is a very nice box